women project managers

Why Women Succeed in IT Project Management

Project management plays a significant role in a variety of industries, with IT being no exception. And if you’ve worked in IT, you’ve probably come across a few project managers. While some are good, only a few are exceptional and make everything look effortless. Those are the ones we all aspire to be as practitioners.…

project forecasting software

Tools for Project Managers to Travel in Time

As a person who previously worked in a project management software company and monitored technology trends in the domain, I learned there are many project forecasting tools powered by predictive analytics that can cure the most nagging pains of project experts and improve project performance overall. At the same time, I noticed that project managers…

how to explain agile to kids

Project Managers Explain Agile to Kids

Agile is so on the cusp of mainstream adoption that you’ll soon need to explain it to children as any other widespread phenomenon. I’ve asked project managers how to illustrate the concept of Agile in a simple engaging way that every kid can understand. Here’s my collection of answers.

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