IPMA Young Crew Portugal

What I’ve Learned Being the President of IPMA Young Crew Portugal

In a word, my life is the constant of lessons-learned. Since I became the President of IPMA Young Crew Portugal in January 2018, it has been a never-ending learning process. And so has my entire professional experience and my personal life.

Explore how project managers explain agile to kids.

Project Managers Explain Agile to Kids

Agile is so on the cusp of mainstream adoption that you’ll soon need to explain it to children as any other widespread phenomenon. I’ve asked project managers how to illustrate the concept of Agile in a simple engaging way that every kid can understand. Here’s my collection of answers.

project management books

What Project Managers Were Reading in 2018

We asked project managers to reveal which books have kept them occupied for the last months. 

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