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PM Column’s Guidelines for Contributors & Guest Bloggers


Would you love to translate your management experience, knowledge or research into a lovely journey with thousands of our readers? Then wait no further. PM Column gives green light to everyone who has managed a project, even if it happened only once in your life, but was meaningful.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a certified PMP or an intern, observing people in the office, and learning your lessons. Say what you wanted to say or draw what you intended to mean. We cut both ways.

PM Column is the ultimate creative digital magazine, covering a myriad of management topics, regardless of the industry you are in. However, there are a few rules, based on which your article will be considered for contribution:

  • Effective storytelling. Your writing is useful, persuasive, and a pleasure to read. You have enough evidence to prove the argument made and original stance on the topic.
  • Uniqueness. The content you’re submitting should be unique and never published before. It also means that you’re not allowed to republish it on other platforms without using a canonical link as to where the article originally appeared.
  • Length. Make sure that you’ve exhausted the topic. We believe that it should take you no less than 1,000 words to do so.

Please note that PM Column reserves the right to edit your content, specifically the text, titles, images, and backlinks. We follow a creative approach to everything we do, implying that we may illustrate your work and do some magic to make your guest post stand out in Google search and on social media, and more importantly, ring the bell for our readers.

Sometimes the article will need a few rounds of revision from your side to meet the guidelines above.

Depending on what you believe will resonate with your peers and what we believe matches our mission, you’re welcome to submit your story at [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you.

Iryna Viter