Little I knew back in July 2018 that my experiment and passion for writing about project management will grow into something bigger, something more meaningful in just a few months.

Since the release of the first article, I’ve been thinking that there’s something special about the style of PM Column that differed it from other project management blogs. Then, I didn’t have a clue what it could be.

But finally, the puzzles came together.

Starting to receive applications from contributors worldwide, I realized that despite a small number of articles out there, PM Column is no longer just a blog with a community of people. It is driven by the collective efforts of young ambitious project managers, illustrators, writers, and designers to create professional, but at the same time ingenious and creative content.

Since its birth, PM Column has had everything that it takes to be called a digital project management magazine. It has always had that charm. And while you may have a back thought that project management is outdated and not interesting, we prove by our example that this assumption is wrong. Everything is a project to some extent, right?

We are the magazine for project managers of the future. Whatever methodology or role it takes.


We’re a team of young ambitious contributors.

Join us in our learning effort.