9 Digital Magazines for Project Managers of Tomorrow

Project managers of tomorrow need to keep themselves tuned to best practices, especially when the new tools, skills, and trends start dominating the project management landscape. To stay on top of innovation and cultivate this knowledge, we recommend experts passionate about project management to consider reading a bundle of digital or print magazines.

Top Management Magazines

Our favorite business magazines – MIT Sloan Management Review and Harvard Business Review are top editions we recommend project managers to dive for both scientific insights and inspiration.

MIT Sloan Management Review — Management research and ideas to transform how people lead and innovate

MIT Sloan Management Review is the top business edition relevant for project managers, as it rounds up insights about digital leadership, artificial intelligence and business strategy, and strategic measurement. Importantly, the magazine has been leading the discourse in management advances since 1959 and remains the place where global thought leaders in project management share their knowledge and experience.

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Harvard Business Review — Ideas and Advice for Leaders

Harvard Business Review is a reliable and creative source of management inspiration that covers topics in many areas and encourages you to get the best in management thinking. The popular topics in HBR include Managing Yourself, Leadership, Strategy, Managing Teams, Gender, Innovation, Work-life Balance.

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Free Digital Magazines on Contemporary Project Management

While the magazines mentioned above are on the mountaintop of business and management press, you have to pay some money to get access to their full knowledgebase of articles. Online magazines mentioned below, though, do not require you to do so. As a matter of fact, they are more down-to-earth to project management challenges that beset the domain and store practical hands-on information.

PM Column — A Creative Digital Project Management Magazine

PM Column is the new wave of project management tips, lessons, and recommendations. The magazine pursues a mission to lay out project management content in the most creative and clean way possible, providing top-notch actionable advice for project management professionals. In 2019, PM Column has been included in the Top 50 Project Management Blogs, according to Feedspot.

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Project Times — Online Resources for Project Managers

Project Times has more than a thousand articles on project management in addition to webinars, templates, whitepapers, and job board. As a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, it has become the ultimate destination for the ever-growing PM community.

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Project Manager Today — The Leading Independent Magazine for Project Managers

PM Today is an elite print (and digital) UK edition for project managers, delivering high-quality content on various project management topics. The beauty of PM Today is in its thought-provoking analysis of project management trends and issues arising in the PM domain every day. It is the best digital project management magazine in a class of its own that brings news to project managers.

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PMWorld 360 Magazine — Project Management Articles Online

PMWorld 360 Magazine is a new independent initiative of CIO’s contributor, Moira Alexander. The magazine’s certified contributors in project management and related professions deliver tips on what’s important to succeed as a project manager, project portfolio manager, or program manager. If you’re on the lookout for recent news in the project management space, PMWorld 360 should be a destination.

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Leading Product Management Magazines

As many organizations shift to a product-oriented agile mindset and project managers become product owners, the following magazines can be of interest.

Product Management Today — Industry Insights Your Peers Are Reading

Product Management Today has a specific focus on products rather than projects. It uncovers the paths on how to get into product management and thrive in the profession. What distinguishes it from other magazines are case studies, exhibiting champions in product management.  

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Lean Magazine

Lean Magazine is a creative perspective on lean management principles organized into articles by Gustav Bergman from Softhouse Consulting. It is Scandinavia’s noted magazine focused on lean and agile with issues presenting up-to-date insights into proven methodologies, including interviews with the leading international experts in the Agile field.

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Agile Know-How Magazine

Agile Know-How Magazine is a digital edition for agilists, framed around the topics of agile transformation, management and leadership, culture and collaboration. It opens a conversation for scrum masters, product managers, and like-minded professionals to participate in agile management topics.
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What is your favorite project management magazine?

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