13 Words to Complete a Project Manager’s Resume

Digital project management skills are more important today than they were a couple of years ago. “Project management profession grows—both in terms of demand for skilled professionals and the expansion of skill sets,” admits Mark A. Langley, President and CEO of the Project Management Institute. Digital transformation spurs project managers on to developing new competencies. As outlined in most of PMI’s reports, project managers will have to expand their capabilities to a) manage the impact of disruptive technologies and b) drive the organization forward into a digital environment. The following is not just a list of words to add to a project manager’s resume, but a confluence of skills PM experts should consider in making their next career moves.

#1-2 An Innovative Mindset

Working in a digital environment demands a focus on innovation. 2018 GE Global Innovation Barometer indicates that companies all over the world contend for maximizing the return on innovation. According to the new PMI report The Project Manager of the Future, an innovative mindset will be one of the fundamental criteria for hiring digital project managers in the future. To become an innovation influencer, you should have a tendency to invest in skills, training, and development, learn about cutting-edge project management tools and approaches, and contribute knowledge to your company’s culture.

#3-4 Risk Tolerant

Project managers that tolerate risk will have a privilege applying for positions that presume work in digital environments. McKinsey researchers define “digital risk” as an umbrella term embracing “all digital enablements that improve risk effectiveness and efficiency—especially process automation, decision automation, and digitized monitoring and early warning.” In the light of project management, tolerating risk means replacing a culture of excessive control with a culture of enablement. Facebook has become a vivid example of risk tolerance in project management:

As managers at Facebook, we’re taught to embrace risk. We focus on uncovering new opportunities for people and pushing them to try something new. It’s core to our culture, and it’s how we help people grow. — Dwayne Reeves, Software Engineering Manager at Facebook

Just try being a manager who makes sure that your team members never see any limits in creativity. Be sure to check out this ultimate guide on task delegation methods.

#5-6 Customer Focused

It’s painful to see customers go. As the competition between the leading game changers grows eminently, customer success becomes a company-wide effort. Project managers, responsible for healthy relationships with the client, should do everything in their power to build trust and top-notch customer experience. A digitally-competent project manager aligns project success with clients’ expectations by ensuring that no roadblocks appear in the customer’s journey. Your potential employers should see that they can rely on you when it comes to quality assurance. That’s why mentioning that you value your relationships with the clients will leave a positive mark in your resume.

#7-11 Able to Make Data-Driven Decisions

There will be no place for speculative decisions in 2019. Initiating, planning, and executing projects, you should neither make decisions out of the blue nor rely on your intuition. Make sure that you back up your opinion with facts and numbers. The companies of the future will expect you to cut through the clutter of data sets to make accurate project prognosis. That’s why genuine interest in predictive analytics and knowledge how to retrieve information relevant to your case are becoming the top door-opening project management competencies. It’s just high time to develop your analytical prowess — it will be valued more than ever in 2019.

#12-13 Comfortable with Ambiguity

According to PMI, companies already invest in training and development of a very important project management skill — comfort with ambiguity. It’s a given that starting to manage a project, you’ll have to face many split ways and decide where to go next. Ask yourself if you can stay calm under this pressure and still make sure that your projects are on time, on budget, and on value. Stating that you’re comfortable with ambiguity means that you can sort out priorities in an efficient way.

For a more structured approach to project planning, check out this mind-mapping project management tool.

I hope this set of digital project management skills in your resume will help you raise in the competition. What do you think?

Illustration: Copyright © Anastasiia Shcherban

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