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The New Single Standard in Lean Six Sigma Certification

June 6, 2019 – CEPAS, a Bureau Veritas company has formed an exciting partnership with leading edtech firm e-Careers to launch a new lean six sigma training programme which aims to set the global standard for lean six sigma certification.

In a highly competitive world, the need for process improvement and service excellence becomes more integral across a wide-range of industries, including technology, finance and manufacturing.  This has led to a dramatic increase in organisations adopting lean six sigma as part of a culture change and the number of people completing their certifications has grown in recent times.

Currently, the lean six sigma certification sector is highly fragmented, with numerous accreditation bodies around the world but no de facto standard.

CEPAS, the people certification arm of Bureau Veritas has announced that their independent certification aims to be the single standard for anyone wishing to become recognised on a global level in lean six sigma.

Cesare Auberti, Sales, Innovation & International Development Manager at CEPAS, stated “We believe that this is the only lean six sigma certification that meets the global ISO 18404:2015 standard that is certified by an independent third party.

We have been working closely with e-Careers for a while now, and their team have created a magnificent training programme and online examination infrastructure that we are proud to put our name against.

We are extremely excited at this new programme launch.  We will be working closely with the team at e-Careers to strategically appoint training providers who can deliver these courses from all corners of the globe, and ultimately achieve our goal of making this the single standard for lean six sigma certification”.

CEPAS also announced that e-Careers has been appointed as the Examination Body and all exams will be delivered online, through remote invigilation.  All qualifying individuals will be certified by CEPAS and published on the CEPAS public register.

e-Careers based in the UK, develops and delivers professional qualifications, either online or in classroom, across a range of subjects and has trained in excess of 500,000 people from over 50 countries.

Jazz Gandhum, CEO of e-Careers, confirmed “the value of lean six sigma was traditionally utilised in the manufacturing industry, however it is now also recognised as one of the most valuable certifications in the technology sector and project managers across many industries are seeing the value in process improvement by systematically reducing waste.

The demand for lean six sigma will only grow in an ever-increasing competitive landscape, and although there are many providers who offer lean six sigma training the certificates awarded simply do not carry enough weight or are not affordable.

This new programme not only presents e-Careers as a leading developer of professional qualifications, but also demonstrates our capabilities as an edtech firm by delivering examinations globally through remote proctoring, meeting the stringent guidelines of CEPAS”.

For those interested in becoming an accredited training organisation or would simply like to learn more, please visit:  http://www.lss.institute

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